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Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley live stream online fight HBO PPV HD video.


Watch Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley live stream online on your PC, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, Android and laptop.


Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley, is a Boxing Welterweight super fight. The bout will be held on June 9, 2012, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.


Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley online.


Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley live. On June 9th Manny Pacquiao will be defending his WBO crown against Timothy Bradley at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It is a fight that, for some reason, many people see as a blow out in favor of Pacquiao, and there doesn't seem that there is much buzz for this fight. 


Pacquiao vs Bradley live stream. Before the HBO's 24/7 segment for Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley even aired, it was dubbed by many to be boring and in no way being able to outshine that of Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto's segment.


It's the same thing with Manny Pacquiao over and over again, and Timothy Bradley didn't have anything really exciting to add to the mix. He couldn't trash talk, and he didn't do anything overly exciting to make people want to watch the fight.


Pacquiao denounced Obama's pro gay marriage stance on an interview on a Filipino website.


In the interview with the National Conservative Examiner, Pacquiao was reported as saying, "God only expects man and woman to be together and to be legally married. It should not be of the same sex, so as to adulterate the altar of matrimony, like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah."


The comments have spurred a myriad of backlashes including a reduced demand in ticket sales from the gay community. Andrew Sorento of the West Hollywood Gay and Lesbian organization said his supporter would boycott the upcoming fight.


"Manny's comments are a disgrace to athletes around the world. My organization and the gay community here will not be purchasing tickets to this upcoming fight," Sorento stated.


Timothy Bradley, who is scheduled to be the opponent in the next Pacquiao fight on June 9, commented on the controversial topic of gay marriage as well. Bradley said he feels gays have the right to get married .


"Timothy Bradley brings a lot of weapons to a fight. He has youth, an aggressive style and a state of mind that only a world champion possesses. No matter how much talent a fighter has, his game is raised by being a world champion. Tim has always found a way to win. He has great determination and can adapt and change his game plan in mid fight.


"Bradley seems to be improving with every fight. His victories over Lamont Peterson and Devon Alexander, who were undefeated when he fought them, were very impressive. He knows how to impose his will on his opponents. He turns fights into wars.


"I have speed and power to counter Bradley. My experience against Hall of Fame caliber opposition is also an advantage for me. I have learned so much from fighting legends such as Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto, Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera and Juan Manuel Marquez. I also have the best teacher in my trainer Freddie Roach.


"I do have concerns about Bradley's fighting style. Anytime a southpaw fights an orthodox-style boxer headbutts are bound to happen, but with Bradley it's more of a concern because he tends to lead with his head. Hopefully we will have a good referee who will not let him do that. Regardless, it's my job to be prepared for anything he may bring."


Bradley, 28, is among the top representatives of the young, up and coming class that is challenging Pacquiao and Mayweather for supremacy in the welterweight division and superstardom in boxing.


Victor Ortiz was the first of the group, which includes Amir Khan, Andre Berto, Lamont Peterson, Devon Alexander and Bradley, to step forward. But Ortiz was KO’d by Mayweather in September when he made a boneheaded decision to drop his guard in the middle of the fight.


“This is an opportunity to take over the throne,” Bradley said of his fight with Pacquiao. “Me, Ortiz, Peterson and Berto we all came out of the same amateur class. We’re all stepping up at the same time. It’s time for this new era of boxing. We’re going to take over the game.”


Bradley is undefeated, just like Ortiz was before he challenged Mayweather. But Bradley, who already has victories over Alexander and Peterson, believes that he has something that Ortiz didn’t have when he faced Mayweather.


Since winning his first world title in 2008, Bradley's profile has risen in the Coachella Valley. He said he constantly receives honks and cheers from fans driving by as he logs up to 10 miles a day on his morning runs through Palm Springs.


The roadwork is only the start of Bradley's day as more conditioning work follows at Palm Springs High School. Bradley then makes the 30-minute drive to the Indio Boys & Girls Club to focus on his boxing.


Three days a week, Bradley spars against three boxers, rotating them after every two rounds so he's always facing a fresh fighter.


Bradley tops off his workouts with jumping rope, the speed bag and agility drills to culminate a training day that typically goes five hours.


Around his grueling training regimen, Bradley drives his step-children to school and picks them up. He also takes them to their various activities in the evening.


Though Mayweather ended up winning easily on all three ringside scorecards, the fight was in doubt in the middle rounds and he never really dominated until he caught Cotto with an uppercut that buckled his knees in the final round.


"You're a hell of a champion," Mayweather told Cotto in the ring afterward. "You're the toughest guy I ever fought."


Most in boxing figure Pacquiao would be even tougher for Mayweather, which might be the reason he seems to want no part of him. Mayweather said before the fight he believes Pacquiao used steroids to bulk up and it would be dangerous to fight him, though he has offered no proof of his claims and is being sued by Pacquiao for defamation.

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